6: Support

As anyone reading this knows, this blog is located on a website that tries to provide a community for those with epilepsy. While going through the nitty-gritty of putting this site together, I learned way more Javascript than I feel comfortable admitting, but I also was able to work in relative peace and quiet.

Being able to work in these conditions is due to the never ending support of my family who only want me to make the most of my life and live in happiness. Whether that be simple or extravagant. My Wife. The one person who I thought would be most critical of this endeavor, has actually turned out to be the greatest advocate of my work here. She has repeatedly told me that she finally feels like I have an occupation that is actually making me grow as a person, not just another drone in the corporate hierarchy.

I am glad that I have a support structure that believes in me and I can genuinely know that they have my best interests in mind. This brings me to a topic I have noticed lately. So many people with epilepsy saying they "give up" or feel like they are a "burden on those they know and love" I can attest to them that they are not.

As a teenager I believed this was true with both my family and friends. It limited me in so many ways that I knew I could be helping and put extra work in the hands of even more. However, through it all, I found that most people out there who I knew were truly in it for the long haul and were willing to work through things with me.

Unfortunately corporate America hasn't been so supportive. I can only name one job in the past that I haven't lost soon after they discovered I had epilepsy. I still lost that job, but only because they went bankrupt and laid off everyone. That was a sad day because I really enjoyed the company of my co-workers who knew and supported me in my epilepsy. Even my boss was great about it. If I was having a rough day seizure-wise, he would send me home without any issues.

Nonetheless, there are still many out there who feel like they have no support structure. No safety net to fall back in. I believe I may be luckier than most in this regard. I have a supportive family and supportive friends. There are many who don't have that. That's why I encourage you to post on our forum or use our chat function to build new relationships with those who can support you through the hard times.

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